Keeping Karlsson 2019-20 NHL Audio Almanac + Projections

(Want a sneak peek first? Hear the Carolina Hurricanes chapter for free)

Like a fantasy guide, but for your ears!

The Keeping Karlsson 2019-20 NHL Audio Almanac is 32 chapters and nearly 30 hours of fantasy hockey gold. Every NHL team gets a dedicated chapter for analyzing and projecting their fantasy relevant players and storylines. Plus, the Almanac features our annual Smörgoåliesbord goalie tiering episode ahead of its public release date.

The Almanac is like 32 episodes of Keeping Karlsson, featuring Elan and Brian balancing all the data and gut they can muster in coming up with their player analyses and projections, challenging each others' takes, and engaging in all kinds of extremely healthy and worthwhile debates.

The Almanac includes Elan and Brian's points projections for 304 skaters and tiers for 70 goalies, all in a spreadsheet that will be updated through training camp and pre-season to reflect their latest predictions.

What you get:

  • 32 chapter NHL Audio Almanac in mp3 format
  • Nearly 30 hours of audio content
  • Points projections for 304 skaters
  • Goalie tiers for 70 goalies
  • Access to the archived, unedited YouTube recordings for each Almanac chapter

Questions? Get in touch with us @keepingkarlsson, or by e-mail.

1 PDF, 33 MP3 and 1 ZIP
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